Detailer Ruined my Black Mazda 3 2007

08-28-2007, 01:37 AM
Hey guys and girls. I'm writing to find out if anyone has any advice for a recent bad detailing experience of mine. My friend's mother highly recommended this guy Mario for detailing her car. For exterior, he charges $100 and she said he usually does high-end cars, so I thought I was golden.

I bring the car to him and the first thing I noticed was illegal immigrants. Lately, all you see at detailers and car washes are these guys, and I don't have anything against them - but first, they do not speak english and second - they're sloppy and don't take car of the cars.

Anyway, I left the car - went back later in the day, sun bright and the car looks great. He gives me no receipt, and later I find out that he took off my dealer license plate frames and replaced them with his own to advertise. First thing that pissed me off - then I start to notice swirl marks ALL OVER the car. I call him back and complain that there are swirls to which he replies " yeah - that happens with black cars" - REALLY? They weren't there 9 months ago when I first bought the car! So I tell him I want it redone BY HIM, I want a receipt, and I want my frames back (he threw them away).

I leave it with him again. Come back - car seems okay. I asked him if he did it himself - "No - same guy - he just skipped a step the first time." He replaced the frames with plain black ones (okay) and gave me a receipt with someone elses name, but the car seems to be fixed.

Fast forward to the first rain. Next day, swirl marks even worse!!! I don't want to call this guy again. I just want my money back, but I had this done back in June, and it's still bugging me. Everytime I'm at a gas station at night or go to my car when the sun's going down, it looks like total shit. I think he ruined my paint. I should have had my dad do it by hand - he's an old-fashioned detailer.

Any advice? Is there anything I can do in this situation? Or is this just a hard lesson learned?

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