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b16 runs like ass with vtec connected

08-26-2007, 12:48 PM
sup i did a obdo b16a2 swap into a 87 crx si. i had the pr3 ecu but was throwing a code for vss. the 87 crx does not generate a vss signal 2 the ecu so my vtec didnt work. i orderd a zdyne ecu from hasport they told me thats wat i needed. wen i got the ecu my shit was runnin hard as hell with vtec. it has been a couple months now and i have slowly been buying new relacement shit 4 my motor( dist., fuel pump, fuel press reg, ect.) now wen my vtec solenoid is plugged in my motor runs lke complete shit, it sounds like the solenid is clickn like crazy with only a small amount of throttle at low rpm. wen i connect the soleniod it clicks one time wen i giv throttle it clicks some more ,randomly, an makes my b16 sputter and sound like shit and dump smoke. vtec will hit but cut in an out, an it hits unconsistant sometimes early, sometimes not at all. i tried a newer solenoid an pressure switch, still same shit even worse though.wen i hook up the solenoid the wires spark 4 a second at idle like its getting constant power is this right?. wen i hav the solenoid unpulged the car runs like a champ but with no vtec. wtfuxup

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