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Clutch on 2001 Gsr?

08-13-2007, 06:09 PM
Hi all,

I'm almost sure that what's wrong with my car is the clutch but i just wanted to make sure. My Car has 150000kms on it (90000miles), and for the past 10k miles or so it has been slipping just a bit, it was only noticeable when i drove the car hard. The other night, all of a sudden my clutch felt new for about two minutes, the friction point was at a really low pedal height and i was really confused. Then two stop signs later, poof!!, I put the car back in first and it wouldnt move, im able to put the car in 1st gear take my foot off the cluch and car idles. I ispected the clutch piston and it does still move back and forth. Im sure the problem is that the disc is burnt and that i need a new disc and pressure plate, am i right? Also, i thought that a clutch is something that gets worse and worse until you decide to change it. On my old toyota, my clutch just kept slipping more and more till i got sick of it and i changed it. With my Teg it just basically burnt all of sudden? Why is this?

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