i finally got it

08-13-2007, 11:04 AM
ok so last yr i saw a red 944(1985.5) for sale, it had 101k on it, and the guy wanted 8g for it, i said no. it had just had a few things rebuilt, but 8g is a bit more than i had to spend.

then in february i sold off my 79 924, and missed seeing that fimilar shape in the driveway.
i was cruising around one day and came across a 89 944 turbo for sale. i drove around back of where it was sitting. and there were like 3 911's and 2 other 944's. i got outta the car and talked to the mechanic selling the turbo. he said 6g for the turbo, but if u want one cheaper i have an 87 n/a for 3g.

i thought about it for like 3wks, and decided i want it. i went back and put some money on it, 2wks later i picked it up, not mint but for a total of 3k, wat do you expect?
it's so nice to have that car, it's fun on the twisty roads by me, and 3rd and 4th are really long gears, and that's compared to my stealth tt with a 5spd.
but after more than a yr of waiting i finally got a porsche 944 sitting in my driveway, waiting for me to turn the key and do as i want with it.

i've just got a few questions. how much would it cost to do a turbo front end(bumper, light covers, and fenders, anything missing)? also wats the real power of the 87 944 n/a, i've read 155hp and i've seen up to 170hp, i'm rating it at 160(kinda the middle). o and how much are some of thte parts that wear out, like clutch(my cousin drove it, and eveidently he can drive stick, just not correctly, and he kinda burnt it)

09-09-2007, 01:15 AM
If you are looking to turbo a 944 into a 951, you might as well just trade your 944 for a 951. The kit, the mods, the time make it virtually unworthy of doing it honestly.

If you want to increase the HP for relatively cheap stick to the basics, exhaust, intakes, plugs, etc...

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