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Help with 93 corsica please?

08-09-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi! I just bought a 93 corsica for $500.00(from kelly blue book this was good price) but it needs some tlc. I can smell gas like there's no tommrow... outside and inside... a friend of mine smelled it and told me not to drive it cuz it might explode. He didn't look at it either. There is no leaking from under the car as I can see, gas milage is very very good. We filled it up and the smell just got worse... also when she runs at 45 or more I smell a burning smell(like oil). The tempature gague is steady in the middle, but the underside of the car gets so hot that my soda in the holder was very hot. It melted my granola bars that were in the console. My uncle told me that it is an aftermarker cadillidic and I was wondering if that could be it.(Am going to get a new muffler cuz it rattles and shakes the car... but not as bad as my other car... lol)

Power issues... everytime I brake the headlights dim, and when the overheads are on they flickr. My fiacee has an egr valve from a berattea and was wondering if that would help at all. When we get the extra money we are going to replace the spark plugs, oil change, some wires, etc... any ideas on what the gas smell is though?(That's my main concern cuz this is the most decent car we have and we have a baby that I'm worried about in it.) Also, for the price we paid do u guys think it was a good deal?(We saw another 93 Corsica go for 2,000.) Thanks and sorry it was so long...


08-09-2007, 08:23 PM
Start with the hood open using a flashlight start and look at the injectors are any leakage noted in this area. Follow the fuel line back to the gas tank is any leakage noted. Look where you add fuel a rubber connector hose sometimes leaks from the fill tube to the tank. You need to put it on jack stands and look closely. Or pay the garage installing the muffler to look. Ask an independent garage to give you an estimate. Fix the problem before you have a fire.

08-10-2007, 09:57 PM
your interior/console heat issue sounds like a bad converter or missing heat shield between it and the car's underbody. The fuel smell could also be from the fuel pressure regulator leaking fuel into the vacuum supply line due to a rupture in the FPR diaphram.

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