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2000 ZX2 Won't start, possible electrical problem HELP!!

08-09-2007, 10:48 AM

I have a 2000 ZX2 with 89000 miles on it. Until the last year I've never had a problem with it. And then....

The engine seemed to miss while I was driving. It could be on the highway, on a side street, whatever. The mechanic tested it and found nothing.

Eventually we replaced the battery, plugs, wires etc. And nothing has helped.

The car will miss and then stall and then will either take a LONG time to restart (it turns over but doesn't catch), or it won't restart at all. When it stalls the plugs foul (according to the mechanic). The diagnostic comes up with nothing.

The dealership has had the car for 4 days this time with no results. Has anyone heard of this happening on other ZX2s? Is there anything anyone can suggest that I ask the mechanic to try?


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