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Looking for Amigo differential or rear end

08-07-2007, 07:03 PM
Does anybody know where I could find a old used Amigo V6 automatic differential?
According to the threads I've been reading here, it has the lowest ratio at
4.10. I'm trying to replace my stock 1998 manual 4 cyl - 4.77 ratio to the 4.10 to get better gas milage. I would think This should bolt right up with no problems I would think. Maybe I can just swap the differential gears out. Probably dont need the whole rear end. But This should work as it is now , I can start out in 2nd gear with no problem. This is a project I'm workin on to see how much better gas mileage I can get. I'm also tryin to figure out where I can take off some weight, but so far, dont see alot. I have aslo looked and found a few rear ends at junk yards, but doesnt look like there is any numbers or marks to identify which ratio it has in them.

4 Cyl - 4.77
V6 - 4.30 (Manual was only tranny available)

4 Cyl - 4.77
V6/Manual - 4.30
V6/Auto - 4.10

V6/Manual - 4.30
V6/Auto - 4.10

08-07-2007, 07:11 PM
you can also use a Rodeo diffy too. It is the same one.

check out:

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