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Avalon - New transmission?

08-02-2007, 10:14 AM
My girlfriend has a '97 Avalon XL. It has about 100k miles on it and has had both of the CV axles replaced - one about a year ago and one maybe two and a half. Since we have been dating (after the first one was replaced) the car has always made some kind of a clicking noise when turning which is why we had the other CV axle replaced - however when it was replaced it didn't help anything, it still makes the clicking noise and it has gotten progressively worse now even when going straight. The dealer, which has done all the work on the car, said that it must be the transmission that is making the noise and she needed a new one. I guess I'm pretty skeptical about that because I've never heard of a transmission making a clicking noise - the noise sounds just like a CV axle is bad and I wonder if maybe they exceeded the misalignment angle or did something else to the CV axle before they replaced it. So my question is can an automatic tranmssion make a clicking noise that is only proportional to road speed and what would cause it - the car functions perfectly, it shifts fine etc.



Blue Bowtie
08-12-2007, 08:56 PM
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The transmission (actually, the transaxle) could be the source of the noise if the differential gears are damaged. It would be silent while traveling straight, but make noise on turns. This could potentially be tested by raising and supporting the front end, running the engine in gear, and restraining one wheel. Of course, that would likely set an ABS error code, but the service center performing the test should be able to clear that easily.

It's possible the dealership has already performed such a check, thus arriving at that conclusion. Aisin/Warner transmissions don't last forever, after all (no transmission does). Remember that the differential for the A540/541 does have a separate reservoir, and requires GM Dexron II or equivalent lubricant. If the noise is more of a "buzzing" than a "clicking" it may be that the oil level is incorrect.

Unfortunately, as the dealer has evidently indicated, the transaxle must be removed to service the differential.

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