European GP 2007

07-21-2007, 03:24 PM
Ohhhhh man. It gets interesting. Hamilton has crashed in qualifying and will start at 10th, if he starts.

Qualifying Results-
1) Kimi Raikkonen- Ferrari
2) Fernando Alonso- McLaren
3) Felipe Massa- Ferrari
4) Nick Heidfeld- BMW-Sauber
5) Robert Kubica- BMW-Sauber
6) Mark Webber- Red Bull
7) Heikki Kovalainen- Renault
8) Jarno Trulli- Toyota
9) Ralf Schumacher- Toyota
10) Lewis Hamilton- McLaren
11) Nico Rosberg- Williams
12) Alex Wurz- Williams
13) Giancarlo Fisichella- Renault
14) Rubens Barrichello- Honda
15) Anthony Davidson- Super Aguri
16) Takuma Sato- Super Aguri
17) Jenson Button- Honda
18) Scott Speed- STR
19) Vitantonio Luizzi- STR
20) David Coulthard- Red Bull
21) Adrian Sutil- Spyker
22) Markus Winkelhock- Spyker

Ok, wow. Hamilton's lowest starting position ever... 10th. He also has to get ok'd by the officials to even race due to injury concerns. This makes the European GP one of the most intriguing races of the year. Most importantly as far as the season is concerned, this will be the big opportunity for Ferrari, Kimi, Felipe, and Alonso to pull closer in to Lewis and McLaren. Nobody will overtake 1st, but they will close to within striking range. Alonso is behind Lewis by 12 points in the WDC, if Alonso were to win and Lewis were not to race, Alonso would be just a race away from the lead. Kimi and Massa desperately need this race too in order to potentially take the season into their own hands. Ferrari seems to have the faster car at the moment, but Hamilton's lead will be tough to break. There could be some great racing between Kimi hoping to close the gap with Alonso, Alonso trying to grasp control over his team, and Massa trying to get back into the spotlight after two dissapointing races.

From Hamilton's perspective this is a disaster. First of all, his streak of podiums will probably end. Second, his lead will probably shrink to an uncomfortable place. Third, he will be stuck in a 10th to start with a light fuel load. He has always started at the front and has literally never passed someone after the first lap. So far this year, two of Massa's best performances involved coming from the back to good points positions. We'll see what Hamilton can do.

Other impressive performances in qualifying were both BMWs, which took 4th and 5th, and Webber, who beat both Renaults.

My race predictions-
1) Kimi Raikkonen- fastest car. Had Massa managed 2nd with a heavier fuel load, it might be different, but I think Alonso may slow Massa down a little bit.
2) Fernando Alonso- Will be incredibly determined to do as well as possible.
3) Felipe Massa- Also very determined to do very well, but will struggle against the two masters.
4) Nick Heidfeld- Eternally beating everyone except Ferrari and McLaren
5) Robert Kubica- Masterfully holds off Hamilton near the end of the race
6) Lewis Hamilton- Shouldn't have too much of a problem with Red Bull, Renault, and Toyota, but he will get caught up behind the BMWs, inable to pass.
7) Mark Webber- If his car holds together, he can beat Heikki.
8) Heikki Kovalainen- Won't be terribly impressive, but will beat Toyota and Fisi.

While I don't predict too much change in the top 8, I expect the battle for the podium places to be great.

Finally- "During his illustrious Formula One career, Michael Schumacher raced in 11 European Grands Prix at the Nurburgring - and won five times. With such formidable form at the German circuit, it is no surprise that Schumacher has been honoured by having a corner named after him - the Schumacher S."

07-22-2007, 07:35 AM
Absolute madness!!!! Rain came just before the start, Winklehock pulled in at the parade lap and put on wets, then it poured. Follow that up with everyone coming into the pits, Winklehock led by 36 seconds.

Button, Hamilton, Liuzzi, Speed, Sutil and a Super Aguri turned Turn one into the worlds most expensive parking lot. Hamilton got restarted.

Race is currently suspended, restart soon.

Winklehock, Massa, Alonso, Webber, Kimi, DC, Wurz, Barrichello order for the restart I think (And the others behind)

DJ SlipStream
07-22-2007, 09:19 PM
wow that was a crazy race!!!

btw did kimi have "hydraulics" problems or did he just run out of fuel?

07-23-2007, 06:43 PM
Ugh I dont know why but I really dont like Alonso. Hopefully Hamilton comes right back next race.

07-23-2007, 09:19 PM
Fantastic race. Lots of action and thankfully nobody was injured....especially my boy Hamilton. Looks like Hamilton's achilles heal might be the wet stuff but he still did a damn good job pulling back up to 9th from being a lap down.

Alonso's pass on Massa had me screaming at the tv. Not too often you see an F1 car get a doughnut and still finish 1st. :thumbsup:

Oh, and how can we forget good ole Ralphy shoving a corner worker. Good to see he can't control his emotions. :rolleyes:

07-23-2007, 11:50 PM
wow that was a crazy race!!!

btw did kimi have "hydraulics" problems or did he just run out of fuel?

Hydraulics. His luck really is genuinely shitty. Still, the gap to Hamilton stayed the same and that can close up very quickly if the McLarens start getting some of Ferraris shit luck + a few more Ferrari 1-2's.

07-24-2007, 01:54 AM
Can't believe I missed this one. Sounds like this year's version of Hungary 06', but without the underdog winning.

As I didn't actually see the race I won't comment on individuals performances, but just talk about its ramification-

Its looking more and more like Fernando Alonso will win... again. He's only two points off of Hamilton and he's got a good lead over the Ferraris. All things constant as far as reliablity and strategy goes, I think Alonso is definitely better then Hamilton. Down the stretch, I would take Alonso's experience over whatever it is that Hamilton has. Ferrari will need a few 1-2s, probably with the same driver winning, to take McLaren. Ferrari desperately needs to fix their reliablity problems and could really use for McLaren to have a few more.

07-24-2007, 11:25 PM
Wow, that has got to clearly the best race of season 07. This time I watched the qualifying first, and for good reason, now I have a stupid question...MASSA GOT A 1:30.9 and DID NOT GET POLE?!?!?!? What is with all these new qualifying standards?

Btw I used to like Hamilton, but with the crane pulling him back onto the track and the red flag condition, did anyone else here think..maybe that was done in Mclaren's favor?

A Spyker with a debut driver leading the race with 33 seconds....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, I busted my gut...actually I wanted to see Spyker do well, I am an underdog favorable fan.

Kimi, too bad, Mark Webber and Coulthard in the top five, Spectacular!!! That fight between Alonso and Massa was unexpected but soon it nearly turned into a fight much like Gilles and Rene-Arnoux. Really cool finish. Why couldn't it just rain the whole time? Damnit.

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