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96' corsica brake problem help!!!

07-21-2007, 03:04 PM
When I slowly press on my brakes to come to a stop, the car skids as if I have no rear brakes before the antilock kicks in, took it to a shop, changed brakes, pads, cyclinders, problem still there. Checked the ABS system, couldn't find anything wrong. I also hear a clunking noise, coming from under the trunk every time I step on the brakes. What could cause this. I have small children and I'm afraid to drive the car in this state. I need help asap!!!!

07-21-2007, 11:22 PM
do you mean the brakes are locking up until the anti lock kicks in? I would say skidding would mean brake lock. If this is so I would ask if your shop bothered to check or replace the rubber brake hoses. I have seen them on my cars a couple of times act up and cause problems as they get corroded over the years and can seal themselves off from the rest of the system. Another person on here had one so bad he could not blow 100lbs of air through it. As to the noise I am unsure what else it could be but possibly a wheel bearing, broken shock maybe. Sometimes a rear brake assembly can come loose from the plate it is mounted to and make a noise as well. This may not help you but all I can think of. Might post this in other forums such as Lumina or Beretta as they are similar and the forums are frequented more.

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