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93 Corsica power issues

07-16-2007, 11:30 AM
My 93 Corsica, 180k miles has been having some funky things going on for the past few months. The only recent work done was an alternator replacement in April.

Braking is the primary concern. Engaging the brakes seems to put a huge power drain on the battery. Everything in the car dims, engine sputters, and in the most extreme cases will very nearly stall. This really only happens at slower speeds though. At idle I can very easily stall the car by simply rolling all four windows up or down at the same time.

Any advice is welcome.

07-19-2007, 03:44 PM
to me it sounds like alternator problems still yet, or maybe a bad ground to engine. Not suprisingly alternators can be bad out of the box, as they are all rebuilt and some better than others. Our 91 had a good NAPA unit fail after ten minutes. Plus, these cars are rough on them. I would see if you could measure the voltage while running and then turn on lights, wipers etc andf see if voltage drops much. Should not drop below 13 volts even with all electrical items on. Other wise I am not sure wnat to tell you except that plugs, wires, vaccuum hoses, air fiilter, fuel filter, and intake (dirt and carbon) have to be checked, as well as checking for trouble codes stored 9if any) on the car's computer.

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