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RX7 Turbo - Central NJ

07-13-2007, 01:06 PM
This is a 1987 S4 Turbo 2. It was a Florida car and I bought it with the intent to turn it into a track car. The engine & transmission were rebuilt at 106563 in 2000. Transmission had the synco replaced and centerforce clutch with FD fly wheel. Instead of replacing it with a factory rebuild, the S4 motor was built to “cheat” SCCA inspection. The engine has FD rotor, the shaft was custom balanced. For durability, I chose to keep the OEM apex seal size and no porting. Turbo was the OEM Hitachi with a major twist. I keep the turbine wheel but CNC the compressor housing for a bigger wheel. Objective was to give a linear curve for HP and Torque. These were the handy work of Rally Motorsport of NJ. I believed my car was 2nd to last they built before changing name to Bullish Racing and racing Toyota for ¼ mile. My engine builders were Bert Gaertner & Kevin MacVaugh. They chassis dyno the car at 227.8 HP @ 6500 rpm, 199 lb-ft Torque @ 5500 rpm, boost was kept at factory level, 5 psi. All these were done with the OEM 2 inch exhaust, cat, mufflers, intake, TMIC with OEM airbox, and OEM ECU.

The car received these additional upgrades after motor work. I had new (not rebuild) front/rear calipers with master cylinder with SS brake lines, and clutch master & slave cylinders with SS clutch line from Mazda installed. Suspension setup is coil-over with Koni & Eibach springs, with Racing Beats sway bars & end links. I couldn’t recall the spring set but I followed Mazda Motorsport recommendation based on the T2 IMSA suspension. I was extremely fortunate to locate a pair of HKS front camber plates for the car. The rear toe bushings were replaced as well as wheel bearings. The job was done by in Texas. The car has Fluidyne radiator with OEM water pump fan. Rear diff were recently rebuilt, pulsation damper replaced, eccentric shaft was plugged. All service works were done by KD Rotary in PA.

Exhaust is nothing special and it was replaced only two years ago. It is a single muffler SS pipe, instead of dual muffler. I simply want less weight on the car. The OEM rubber TIC finally cracked and I replaced with Banzai aluminum TIC with K&N cone filter. FD fuel pump installed, as well as ECU upgrade. It how has Rtek v1.5, s/n 1235. These last set of upgrades push the boost to a bit over 7 psi. You can figure out the new HP figures.

With all these works, the car still pass NY/NJ emission test. Most recent record of NY (NJ 2006) emission test were

2004 2005 2006
HC 0.73 0.78 102
CO 10.7 9.7 0.33
NOx 1.1 0.76 283
CO2 14.2
O2 0.4

The car did not have perfect interior to begin with and I wanted to upgrade this piece last. It has the OEM interior but didn’t have glove box or rear storage bins. The car has a Autopower roll bar. I added VDO boost gauge and Autometer fuel mixture meter on the A-piller. The logicon has a behavior problem, so does driver side window switches. Both units can be rebuilt.

The sunroof panel begins to bubble and I have spare part for that. Cosmetic upgrades were hood-scoop and left front pop-up light cover. The A/C compressor was new and cold. However when I installed the unit, I was ¼ lbs short on R-12 freon. The 7 is year round kept in garage and covered and it was my summer “fun” car. It was used 3 times per year at auto-x simply to meet Mazda Motorsport team support requirement.

Problem(s) – aside from the interior I had disclosed above. Recently the car developed strange idle problem. The low idle is fluctuating between 1k to 1.5k. It was like someone pumping the accelerator.

Vehicle current mileage - 135009
Current location – Central NJ (in the garage of cause)

Reason selling – like others on the forum I am no exception. Life changed -> got married having kids. These days I am spending more time at Home Depot, Babe R US instead of the garage under the hood.

The car is AWSOME project car if you choose to continue my work or strip it down for the high-end parts, its all upto you. Your purchase comes with, JDM TMIC, some spare parts, A032 tires and all kinds of manuals. I have folder full of paper trail on this vehicle. As in price, how about everything you see here for $5000? I am baseing the price on what will cost someone to get all these performance parts on the net, piece by piece. I am opened to any serious counter offer.

Please email me for details. Photos of the car is located at Flickr and I will continue update these photos over time. If you want to see something specific, please contact me. (

BTW I forgot to mention, the car had new rotors put in around Oct/Nov last year, with Hawk HP10 Front, Blue Rear. So anyone want to try his/her luck on the track, its ready to go

07-16-2007, 09:53 AM
Sales Pending...

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