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rebuilt KLZE wont hold compression in cyl#4

07-05-2007, 08:48 PM
I just recently bought a klze and it burned a shi* load of oil and just was so dirty so wanted to rebuild it and also for performance because i planned on throwin a 100 shot of N2O on her. everything i used to rebuilt the motor was stock oem parts and the only work i had dont was. i had the block honed and i got a 5 angle valve job done..thats all. after the rebuild i went for a cruist and happen to ger into a race with one neon turbo and one real srt-4 one i hit 3rd gear my rpms were at like 7200 and i heard and nocied the car driving different like it was misfiring..and way i did a compression check and all cyl's are 210PSI except #4...what could of caused this? does this sound like a burnt valve? any input, ideas, or just guesses will be greatly appreciated!

thanks guys .....Brett

got celica?
07-20-2007, 01:32 AM
ive been helping my friend work on his klze which also burned oil until one day it up and quit. when we took it apart, we found that pretty much every seal and gasket on that engine was dried out, we figure from just sitting in the warehouse or something. the valve seals leaked oil into the cylinders so on every startup it would blow a cloud a oil. the thing never ran right. we also found 3 collapsed lifters and a bent rod lol. when you say #4 's compression is off, how much is it off by?

08-01-2007, 08:10 PM
here is what you do there are only a few things it could be re do the compression test on cyl 4 and double check your first reading if it is the same as you got before pull the tester out and put 1-2 tbls of engine oil in the cylinder take the compression test again and if it jumps up you fried your rings and if it stays the same your valve are screwed how long after the rebuild did you start beating on it? be honest

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