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a/c overfill?

07-05-2007, 12:12 AM
1990 honda civic

A/c wasn't cooling as much as I would have liked so I installed a can of Freeze 12. Everthing was going good for a couple of days then I heard a hissing noise comming out of the bottom of the compressor. After that no cooling. I must have applied to much freon to the system. Is there a pressure relieve valve on the compressor, or am I looking at a new compressor?

07-05-2007, 03:47 PM
You already mentioned your mistake in your post. You added FREEZE-12 the worst crap you could have possibly added to your r12 car. BIG mistake. Although Freeze-12 claims to be a drop-in replacement for r12 it is NOT. Freeze-12 is composed of 80% r134a and 20% of some special oil. Since it is a heterogenoeous gas the oil escapes before the r134a and leads to tons of problems. Furthermore, the 80% r134a isn't even compatible with the residual r12 in your system. You should have either converted to r134a or stuck with r12. Bottom line, ask any AC specialist and they will tell you Freeze-12 is garbage.

It is best to do your homework when it comes to AC and research before doing anything to your system. As far as your system goes now, the best thing to do is take it into a AC shop, but I can smell a new compressor on your repair bill (at the least).

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