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HELP!! Car won't start, HAD oil in cylinder, RINGS?

07-01-2007, 06:07 PM
Okay, this will be long, but hopefully someone will know something.

I have a 95 civic dx, D15B7 motor. I was on the highway and the car started running shitty like it was on 3 cylinders, i pull in and my brother pulls the spark plug wires out. Sure as shit, theres oil in my third cylinder head, all over my spark plug and plug wire. I asked a buddy that works at the shop and he said that it was the rubber grommets on the inside of the valve cover, and that its somewhat common for this to happen. So I changed those, new valve cover gasket, new spark plugs. Also wipe out the cylinder head, and air dried it out with an air hose to get all the oil back out. Seal it back up and start it, still runs on 3 cylinders, I'm like wtf. So I pull out the third plug wire while it's running, and it runs the same, so I think, okay, that cylinder is not firing. I put it back in and pull out another plug wire just to see if they are okay, the car DIES. Never been able to start it back up. I had aftermarket plug wires and dizzy cap, so I put back on the stock ones that I KNOW were good and it still won't fire. It has juice and tries to turn over, but no firing at all. I call Autozone and ask if they can test distributors and they say no, and he says that when I air dried the cylinder, it may have gotten TOO DRY??? and he suggests spraying starter fluid directly into my intake??? to help prime that cylinder so that it can build compression.

I have no clue, I think it might be a piston ring has gone bad in that cylinder, but it should still crank at least. One person says maybe the fuel pump went at the same time??doubtful. Someone else says it sounds electrical??

ANYBODY have any suggestions, sorry for the long post, but I'm in desperate need here folks. Thanks a plenty.

07-02-2007, 08:21 AM
Are you getting spark? is your pump priming when its on the "on" position, but not cranking? did you replace the plugs after the gasket change? if the oil caked on the plug it wont fire. could be a valve seal or a ring.

07-02-2007, 09:17 AM
well, I don't think I'm getting any spark, because it isn't cranking. The plugs are new, and are still clean. I was guessing a valve seal or ring, but oil isn't getting back up into the cylinder head and onto the plug so if they ring went bad, it should still be leaking up into it.

07-02-2007, 09:46 AM
it not cranking at all? ok, is your pump priming? if not then it could be the main relay, if it is, then it could be the starter

07-02-2007, 02:53 PM
when you say not cranking. you mean the engine dont turn at all? or engine just turns but dont fire? If engine isnt turning at all. then its starter related. i.e... bad ground to it bad power to it or bad starter. if engine turns over but no fire. check for spark take a plug out leave plugged into wire and turn over to see if it sparks. if it does its prolly fuel related. if so change fuel filter and test pump.

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