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First official showing of Nissan GTR 2008 - photos and video inside from Goodwood

07-01-2007, 06:21 AM
I thought you might like to see what the GTROC has been up to lately.......

All images and videos copyright GTR Owners Club.
Thanks to Scott Martin & Paul Creed of the GTROC for these photos and the videos.

Engine still unknown, but definately did not sound like a V8 - too quiet, too.
Redline at 8000rpm
Paddle shift, either six or seven speed
Rumours of three derivations initially not confirmed, but there will be different versions over time
New 'Super MFD' - advanced controls relating to the set up of car
Wheel sizes unknown - thought we could read from pics but they appear 20"
Has apparently been designed to be driven to the shops but without compromising it's on-road capability.
More testing at the ring later this year and summer testing in arizona desert
Japan and USA first for deliveries
Europe will have it before July 2008
Two main markets for Europe: Germany and UK
Over 40 people in the UK have put depsoits down already (inc 1 premiership footballer)
Official dealers in the UK - up to five, will be announced VERY soon.
GTROC will be taking 1k fully refundable depsoits on behalf of the dealers as soon as we can agree T&Cs and get it in the shop
Price itro 55k
Official unvieling at the Tokyo motor show this year.
This car is the new grey, there is a new silver coming out, bayside blue may be dropped as a colour
The test driver was a French VP of Nissan and he thinks it will be a smash hit
Test driver commentted that Porsche have a lot to be worried about (sure, haha :) -cem)
It has been top speed tested in Germany at 180mph and was - "very stable"
Other test drivers have desrcibed it as "frighteningly quick" and "very smooth" certainly from the way it pulled away it was effortless.
Interesting clutch arrangement meant it had trouble staying stationary in gear (or maybe that was an issue not yet ironed out)
The Chief Designer (met him as well -Fuggles) said it will be difficult to modify a lot because it is very complex
They want to keep the front secet and it was suggested that what was underneath the camogflague was not the finished article anyway
The information was on the goodwood website but was removed later
The GTROC was asked to be discrete about the new car prior to it being shown but now it has had its forst public showing it is fine to puiblish details and photographs
Option magazine came to Goodwood on speculation, having heard a rumour. The GTROC was on hand to tell them where it was and the route is was taking out of the garage and the route to the hill.
The GTROC is already working on the UK launch with dealers and Nissan and will be involved
The GTROC is meeting Nissan in October (in Japan) to discuss other ways the club and Nissan can work together
Rear seats have sub holes (ICE?)
3 buttons on dash: "T", "S", "V"
Bose sound system
Gauge: 340kmh
If you notice in the pictures the rear wing is different again: so looks like they're still testing rear wings
Front lights are currently the same as the prototype
Steering wheel has other controls on it such as stereo etc.
There appears to be a lap timer as well linked to buttons on the wheel
It appears also to have cruise control, proving it is a tourer/every day car as well as a track beast
Door handles have a push in button for them to pop out to pull on
The car at Goodwood has different aero parts to some of the other models seen at the Ring, not just the rear spoiler
Quad exhaust system to mirror the twin round lights
Brembo 6 pot callipers
Bridgestone Potenza RE070
Satellite Navigation screen in with MFD
Steering wheel still has the R34 GTR look and feel


07-01-2007, 07:45 AM
anybody know if there are more than proto-type in the world, or are they just switching the wing on one, i don't see why they would change it so much on the same car.
If it's going one sale in the USA, they've probably got it to the point of crash testing within the next 3 or 4 months

07-04-2007, 10:49 AM
Interesting thought. Aside from the rear wing it does look darker than the previous ones seen at the Nurburgring. So maybe there are a few doing the rounds already.

07-04-2007, 01:19 PM
it looks like it's gonna b a heavy car in the field, a field that is filled with cars ranging from 2800lbs to 3400lbs

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