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Driver's door makes rattling sound when driving over bumps/potholes

06-27-2007, 09:27 PM
My door seems to rattle every time I drive over a big enough bump or pothole (in montreal these are almost unavoidable...terible roads)

I noticed that if I open the door and close in enough so the the door doesn't shut completely the sound goes away so long as I put on the door to keep it in place.

Seeing as that truck is relatively new with only 10,000 miles on it and I've been pretty good about applying additional grease periodically, I'm hoping I won't have to replace the pins & bushings (not sure if they are covered by warranty)

Does anybody have any experience with this? I saw the door pin/bushing how-to but is there something I can try tightening first?

06-29-2007, 09:35 AM
Check hinges latches and pins.
Does it make any difference if door glass is up or down?
If nothing lose outside pull the door panel and have a look inside.

On time I found a soda bottle inside a door left there by a prankster factory worker.

06-29-2007, 10:22 AM
If the truck only has 10K miles on it and is still in the factory warranty period I would take it to the dealer. Rattles are covered under normal factory warranty (dealer mechanics hate squeak and rattle complaints but too bad, they're covered).

I had a station wagon with a clunk and rattle complaint come in, would only happen intermittently on tight left hand corners, 3 mechanics and 2 hours latter we found a flash light that had slipped down into the space under the back seat, we took half the interior apart trying to find it. We were pissed because that isn't reimbursed by Ford and the service manager wouldn't charge the customer.

Good luck,


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