'02 Bravada air suspension drops when parked

06-27-2007, 03:11 PM
First-time poster, thanks for the help.

I have an '02 Bravada with the "electronically controlled air suspension" system. In the last month or so, if the car is parked for a while (overnight, all day at work, etc.) the body drops all the way down as if the air was all released---almost to the ground. When started, you can hear the compressor run and in 30 secs or so its back to where it should be and drives fine.

What is the fix, and any idea what it might run (I want to be informed/prepared before I take it somewhere)?

Bonus question-My exterior temperature indicator started reading 50 deg a few weeks ago (I'm in Phoenix, and its double that most of the time these days). It would then slowly rise and get close to real temperature, but then go back to 50, sometimes it would go down into the 30's and the "ice possible" warning would go on. The last week or two it just always stays at 50. The a/c inside seems to work well. Annoyance, of signal of bad ($$$) things going on?

Thanks for any help!

06-27-2007, 04:06 PM
Welcome to AF.

No way of telling until it is checked out.
Which is part of any repair procedure.
Ask them to check it out and get a how much to check out and then ask for a repair estimate before the repair.
Your dealer may have a couple of tsb's on it.

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