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1999 Buick Century starting problem!!

06-21-2007, 12:50 AM
I have a '99 Buick Century. Every once in a while last summer, when it was hot, I would go to restart my car (after a brief stop) and it would be what I thought was vapor locked. It would start then immediately sputter out making a popping backfire noise before dying. After I let it cool off it would start and run again. This spring it did the same thing again. I waited until the car was cool and it still wouldn't start. It began only cranking not even starting then sputtering out. I went back in the morning and it started and I got it home. After that I got the cranking response only! I had low oil but all other fluids were fine. I replaced the fuel pump relay and got the sputtering backfire response for a while. Now it will only crank not start again. HELP!! Any ideas what's wrong besides the fuel pump.

GM Line Rat
06-21-2007, 10:16 AM
Have you ever changed the fuel filter on this car? If so, Rent or buy a Fuel pressure gauge from Autozone etc.., then ask them what the proper fuel pressure is for a 99 Century? Connect the fuel pressure gauge to the schrader valve on the fuel rails on top of the engine and have someone crank the engine while observing the gauge.....If pressure is low or erratic, odd's are you have either a dirty fuel filter, clooged fuel pump screen (Inside fuel tank).....Or a fuel pump that's nearly dead. If the fuel pressure is good and consistant, another culprit that shows signs of "Runs good when cold, but fails when engine heats up" is the Ignition control module.... located underneath the Ignition coil packs (Where Spark plug wires connect)......Autozone etc.. can test the ignition control module to see if it's good or not 1st before buying a new one?

Actron Fuel Pressure Tester Part Number: CP7818 (

99 Buick Century Ignition control module

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