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If I bought a 96...

06-17-2007, 04:59 PM
Time for a new (daily driving) car. I found a 1996 Eldo at a local used lot. It's black cherry in color , has heated leather seats, chrome wheels, and is oh-so-beautiful with a jaw dropping 59.900 miles. It's priced high at $7990 but I'm certain I could drive it away for $6800 by complaining about the 2 screws missing from the drivers side rocker panel, (which would cost me $1.00 or less and 10 minutes to fix) and offering a no hassle no trade-in cash and carry deal. Anyone think that's a bad deal?
I know 4.9L northstars perform great but do not like being beaten up. Would adding an oil cooler and dual inline filters help keep the motor happy?
I like running Zerex G-05 100.000+mile antifreeze in all my vehicles, any reason I wouldn't want to use it in the caddy?
Any tips or tricks on getting long life reliability from a northstar?
Anyone have a good reason why I should NOT buy this ride?

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