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Ignition switch-Lock Cylinder check/replace 99+ Grand am's & some other N-bodies

06-14-2007, 10:22 PM
Ignition switch Removal-
(if removing just the lock cylinder these same procedures apply)

- Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
(if your theft lock audio system is on disable this first or you radio wont work)

- Before removing the ignition switch, check the main ignition fuse under the hood.(wouldnt hurt to check all that correspond to the ignition system)
- Remove the radio bezel.
- Might have to also remove the gauge cluster.
- See Here ( the last two procedures.

- Remove the two screws securing the ignition switch.
- Push the switch in about 1 to clear the mounting bracket, and then lift it out from behind the dash.
- Check the switch for continuity between the indicated terminals with the key in each position.
- See here #2 (

- If the continuity is Not as specified replace the switch.

- Also check the lock cylinder in each position making sure it is not worn or loose,
and that the key corresponds to the markings on the switch housing.

Replacing the switch

- Follow steps above to access switch.
- Disconnect the ignition switch electrical connector "A" and the ignition interlock cable "C".
- To release interlock cable press, press tab "B".
- See Here.... (
- Using the key turn the lock cylinder to run, and press in the pin to release the cylinder.
Also "D" can only be removed after the cylinder is released.
- See here.... (
- Then withdraw the cylinder with the key.
- You have to do this to remove the two-wire connector.
- Install in reverse procedure.

Hope this helps !

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