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95 Buick Lesabre error codes

06-12-2007, 07:18 PM
:) :) This is an old topic,re:95 buick check codes and the ability to read them.
OBD2 connecter with OBD1 codes. I purchased an Actron cp9145 scanner to
diagnose some problems with my 95 Buick Lesabre. It works great. price was a little over one third of Actrons web site price and
about one half of Advance Auto's price.
I have learned a lot about two of my codes from these forums.( p0626 VATS failure) and (P0629 Passkey frequency invalid).
I also get P0101 MAF Mass air flow sensor failure.
This is the scenerio when starting. Key on,engage starter,engine starts,stalls immediately. Repeat three times, engine starts and runs. This generates a passkey frequency failure.Guessing that the fuel pump was not energized.
Or,if I wait a minuite or so with key on, engage starter and engine starts immediately.No passkey frequency invalid error. Then VATS failure shows up.
Then, I get the Mass air flow sensor failure. The car seems to run very well with these error codes.
My questions are: since the VATS failure and passkey frequency invalid codes and the MAF sensor error codes do not seem to affect the performance of the vehicle, where do I go from here? Will the "key resistor" fix take care of the starting problem? Do I replace the MAF,( an expensive
One other problem on this car. Cruise control doesn't work. Set cruise on, press throttle, cruise drops out. Sets error code p0561,cruise control vent solinoid malfunction.
Any chance that these problems are related?
I await your learned opinions and suggestions.

Thank You,

More info on the MAF failure. The actron scanner can read engine info in real time. The MAF sensor data varies from 5 gr/s at idle to 40 gr/s or greater at higher rpms. Ocasionally,the value drops to 0. Then the check light turns on.
Autozone wants $146.00 plus the core. I will try the salvage yards!

I replaced the MAF sensor and got no check lights for 20 miles. Then the check light came on. MAF sensor error!
After resetting the errors, I drove for 900 miles with no errors at all.
Then,after it got a little cooler here, I got TPS errors and PRND errors and MAF errors.
Now I'm thinking that I may have a temperature sensitive cable connection.
Any thoughts about this problem??

Thanks for any help!!

Just replaced the ECU (computer). Fixed all my problems except the ABS lite. Even took care of a cruise control problem that has been there
for over two years.
I subscribed to alldatadiy for some service info and found it very useful. I recomend it for anyone who does not have access to the factory service manuals.

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