89 accord

06-09-2007, 03:32 PM
My friend has an 89 Accord LXi and she wants to put 17" rims on it with Yokohoma tires. Everything on there is stock, is she going to have enough clearance? She just doesn't want the tires to scrub. the picture of the rims are embedded in here. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d32/fadingcasanova/102_0988.jpg

06-09-2007, 10:02 PM
No way to know without knowing the actual size of the tires and width of the rims. You didn't give us enough to work with.

Some online tire distributors have info on what sizes will fit what vehicles...try www.tirerack.com (http://www.tirerack.com) for one...

I just looked and they list only 205-40-17 as a 17" option for that car...

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