About to pick up an 82 pick-up

06-08-2007, 05:36 PM
Pun intended... :iceslolan

Anyways, I am about to buy an 82 Toyota pick-up with a 22R in it... Its been sitting for about a year, but the guy put gas in it, and a battery and it started right up, very little smoke at first, then none (normal for it sitting)... And hes asking $500 for it...

Anyways, my question is, I plan on using this is a pizza delivery truck, and to haul my 4 wheeler around in... So I need something dependable, good on gas, and cheap, but with a good amount of torque, and this truck seems too fit the bill... Am I correct? Anyone have numbers on average gas mileage on these? Also should something break on it, how hard are they to get parts for? As far as I can tell, these engines were made (in FI configuration anyways) up until 95, so they should still be pretty easy to get parts for right?

Thanks in advance...

06-11-2007, 04:38 PM
Parts are plentiful, average is around 20 MPG.
Depending on where you are, give the frame a serious going over for rust.
The 80's Toyotas are notorious for it. The frame rusts from the inside out,so by the time you can see it it's bad. Use a small hammer to tap both sides of each side of the frame, especially anywhere it turns up/down from horizontal, above the rear wheels, and where the tank sits against the frame.

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