Land Rover '67 Parts

Jim Harrell
10-27-2002, 06:33 AM
The following '67+/- parts for sale: front and rear axle assemblies-complete and rebuilt; transmission with on the fly overdrive-new; one complete engine disassembled for rebuild with all new gaskets, pistons, bearings, crank ground, block bored; one engine complete minus peripherals, door glass frames (fair to good), one complete aluminum top, rear sides and rear tail gate and lift up door (all freshly painted and refurbished).

For the most part all the above are in excellent plus condition. I have been restoring cars for 40+ years and bought this '67 Land Rover to restore. It is just about complete but for what I want as an end product at my age says that CJ-5 axles/brakes, power steering, my sweet 302 smb Ford, T19 4 spd. is going to be just the ticket. A restorod as one might say. The cows and the fodder on my farm won't know the difference.

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