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Doing ALOT of work any heads up???

06-07-2007, 07:17 PM
1997 chevy blazer 4x4 4dr ls

After 2 years and each year inspection only costing ~100 dollars this year it all cought up. Wether the guy who did it before never really did a good job or what. Ither way i took it to a guy at a dealership that i know does VERY good work and is an honest guy who im freinds with. Any way i need brakes, all around. Calipers, pads and rotors up front, Drums and shoes in there rear. He told me that i should go with a preloaded caliper and rotors. I didnt get a chance to go to check prices yet. But he told me to go towards bendix or dura-stop for brakes.

Question 1 - i have changed brakes before, but not as indepth as this, beside bleeding is there anything i should also do brake wise while im in there?

Thats the main thing to pass inspection. The other things he recomended was to take the Body lift and 31's off. I thought about taking it off for a while i have no need for 31's any more and i wouldnt mine having a real nice ride and getting some better MPG. Ive been thinking about taking the lift off and put on a nice set of like 17's or somthing. But not finding any rims that look good on the blazer to my taste atleast, i might just put some regular tires on the stock wheels or may be slightly bigger and take the body lift off. While i was taking off the body lift (if i do) i thought about redoing ALL the bushing to improve ride quality. Ive been seeing all kinds of bushings on summit. All of mine are mostly ok for stock, they dont look to bad. I was going to get the rear sway bar ones and the front end links.

question 2 - Aside from the rear sway bar and front endlinks, are there others that might be worth getting? I saw there are body bushings, since i will have body off the frame it would be key time to change them, Are the worth it?

The last thing to is that my power sterring pump is starting to whine, THe guy told me if it aint broke dont fi it. THe sterring is fine just makes some nosies now. While my hands and nuckles are probly going to be bloody and greasy,

Question 3 - should i pop a new pump in too so i dont worry about it down the road or do they just kinda of whine and thats it?

Thanks for your guys help in advance

By the way any one looking for 31's or a body lift might have them cheap if all goes to plan

06-08-2007, 06:23 AM
Why remove the lift and 31s - actually at highway speeds the rpms are lower so MPG better - and looks much better. 31s fit with a 2" body lift so if you have the 6" susp lift thats another story. Brakes using loaded gets you the brackets, slides, and pads so easy and then just a bleeding required. DO not get any cermanic pads as they are great at high temps but terrible in normal stops (till they hot from long braking). Rotors are about $35 each. Also check out the steering components as the 31s cause mors wear - includes those lower ball joints.

Sway bars and bushings always seem to be cracked.

If pump is full and whines then its going to go at some point.

06-08-2007, 11:34 AM
Yea i know i really like how it looks when i walk out of a store and i see a stock blazer, i like how mine sits next to others. I was told from a few guys at the dealership that if i take it off i would get SLIGHTY better gas mileage, but it would more by the ride qualty and handling at higher speeds. Im still really on the fence about taking it off or not. my problem is i get bored, i was looking to make it look almost like BLAZERSS's. the whole mucsle look i was looking to get a cowl hood and some clean 5 spokes may be around 17/18's change the look of it and keep it an SUV. BUt i dont think i wanna spend that kind of money on somthing as old as it is.

Any way thanx for the stay away of the pads, i was looking at them on summit and i thought there was somthing about them that i herd before and the heat thing was what i forgot.

06-08-2007, 11:48 AM
hey guys i just got back from carquest, the only people who knew a it was a chevy when i said blazer. any way they gave me a price of ~500 for loaded calipers, rotors, shoes, drums, motor mounts, sterring pump and a break cable. I think thats a fair price, everything is rebestos, whitch i am told are good. The loaded calipers are A1. Iv never herd of that brand before and they seem to be the only brand i can find in a loaded caliper. Are they worth putting on? there asking ~55 for each side

edit i just got a hold of napa they have a pair for 43 each

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