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2001 Villager A/C Problem

'90 Escort Man
05-31-2007, 08:30 PM
After searching 13 pages in Villager, and 8 in Quest, I am led to post my unique problem.

I have 2001 Villager, front air blowing warm. Underdash controls work appropriately, along with temp control. Saw them physically move. Rear air works great. Compressor cycles on/off every 20~30 seconds. Compressor relay obviously works, but also switched with another to see if it was faulty, same cycling. Checked pressure of 134, steady around 45psi. I added more and got up to 65, but no difference in temp out of vents or compressor cycling. When I disconnect, then reconnect gage, pressure reads 45. Also bypassed high? or low? switch on dryer bottle, and with compressor running for a few minutes straight, no difference in vent temps.

I think I have a blockage in a line somewhere. If that is the case, how do you track it down? This van has just under 100k, and no accidents.

Is there anything else that can be checked? I have a pretty grumpy wife right now. Thank you for any assistance that you can provide!

'90 Escort Man
06-04-2007, 08:57 AM
A/C is now fixed, but here are the items that I learned that can benefit everyone:

1) Don't trust the 'free' gages that come with refrigerant recharge kits. 'Free' equates to horribly inaccurate. I checked my system with a higher quality gage, and refrigerant was low - no blockages!

2) When running max air, run max air - including rear air. I was not taxing the system fully and getting an accurate reading with just front air at max.

3) Read all problem responses contained within A/F forum for your particular model. Someone much smarter than I stated in a previous A/C problem response that a compressor that cycles quicker than normal means low refrigerant. That lead me to think that my 'free' gage was suspect.

Thanks to all who read, and particularly to Toolman5523 who offered advice in the Quest form.

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