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z32 z31 parts interchange

05-30-2007, 09:18 PM
Anybody have a slight work up, or extensive for that matter, of what parts will interchange with little or no machine work?
Such as I have found info pointing to pistons having a 1mm larger pin diameter in z32 and lowering compression being the only differences (as in same compression height etc). The crank requires machining of the snout (anymore detail would be appreciated as it is forged). Rods are slightly stronger and only difference is the pin diameter being the previously mentioned 1 mm larger.
What about exhaust manifolds (twin turbo z31 with a little effort). What about block interchange......

Any and all knowledge would be greatly appreciated...As I'm always looking for cheap and free power...

05-30-2007, 11:09 PM
not much...

the mounting positions for the engines are the same... the wrist pins are the same as the w-series engine in the z31 compared to the z32, only the z32's have the 1mm larger, as you mentioned... i believe the heads are quite different being sohc vs dohc, the pistons that are for the z32 are designed for the z32, meaning they have the quad dishes in them compared to the z31's two, so that might make things funky (compression is lowered as also mentioned...

twin turbo z31's with a de engine are very difficult to do, as the engine bays on the z31's are narrower than the z32's, making it hell to fit anything in there.... however greddy used to make a TT kit for the z31, which was discontinued a while ago... they were a tubular design.. this shows you the location (
but as for easy twinnage, not so much

cheap/free power = boom, you should know that

06-13-2007, 11:46 AM
Well I just obtained a set of twinturbo manifolds.. I'm going to get a set of t25 flanges and a set of t3 flanges... I'm going to relocate the turbos and upgrade to a pair of t3's and make a tt z31..... use a pair of t3\t4 turbos (cheapo ebay specials for about 350 the pair (really cheap)) And there you go a twinturbo z31 with the ability to flow large amounts of air.... Hard part will be the piping of the intake.... makes a good project though... I'll be able to drive around my 87 (have to engine swap it first though I toasted the rings badly) and use my 84 shell as a lab rat to make the plumbing of the exhaust and the intake complete before the swap....
can't wait to start this project..........

Ohh and yes the manifolds bolt right on...........

06-13-2007, 07:27 PM
interesting, lets see some pictures of it then

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