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CDs stuck in Bose 6-Disc Changer!?!

05-25-2007, 11:07 PM
I've got an '05 Trailblazer with the "Sun & Sound" Package: 6-Disc Bose In-Dash Changer, XM, etc, etc.

Recently I bought a new CD and wanted to listen to it on the way home. I put the CD in an empty slot in the Changer in Melissa's Trailblazer and it thinks for a minute and says "CHECK CD" but it never spits it out. Then the message changes to "INTIALIZING" but still never spits it out or starts to play the disc.

Now, it doesn't say anything on the screen and it won't play that disc or any others. Won't eject, won't do anything. The only response I got from it is when I hit the 'Load CD' button it says "CHANGER FULL." Now it won't do anything and won't play any cds.

Does anybody know a way to do a manual eject and get the CD out without taking the player out of the dash or (God forbid) taking the truck to a dealership? Or how complicated it is to take out the stereo and If do is there any kind of manual eject button on the back of the stereo??

Thanks in Advance!

06-19-2007, 03:48 PM
I have experienced practically the same problem with the same model of vehicle and same sound system. Is this a common problem? What is the problem? Thanks!

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