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Manually Adjust dead power seat?

05-25-2007, 01:29 AM
Hi all, as is all too common one of the motors on my driver seat (2000 PA Ultra) died recently, the one that controls the recline or back angle... Unfortunately this died further forward than I like. I am wondering if there is any way to manually adjust it to a more comfortable spot?

And in a related question, is it possible to swap in the motor from the passenger seat? how difficult would it be?

05-25-2007, 05:25 AM
I know the up/down motors can be manually adjusted, probably the recline as well. Doing this just takes time. For the front seat track platic cover, just lift up and pull out. Move seat full forward to access the seat bolts in the back (slide off the plastic cover). Then, lift seat up from the back and the front "hooks" can be lifted from the seat track (the driver's seat is heavy and bulky). Once off the track, the seat can be lifted up from the front for fairly easy access to the motors. You can be under the seat in 10 minutes.

Not sure about the swap, wondering about this myself...just too far down on the "to do" list.

05-30-2007, 03:46 PM
I just manually adjusted my passenger seat height an hour ago.

While this is fresh on my mind.
I had problems with the tilt/up/down dual motors not working.

Having read your post earlier I looked around. It appears almost of the parts are heavy riveted in and crimped in or same such and appears it's not an easy simple swap for the motors only.

Apparently the seat tilt/height motors are suppose to work off a clutch or something internal to the motor gear assembly and either it was a failure of this design or there actually was no clutch and both motors lost thier ability to turn the follower gear on the gearshafts. It is also possible that the motor is suppose to run to end of travel and this clutch system is suppose to come into play. This may apply to the tilt/recline also.

IN my case, I was able to apply motor power and turn the worm shafts releasing the pressure on each. They would turn about a turn and again quit. Trading off between each motor assembly I walked the height of the seat down to the lowest level and pulled the power plugs off each motor and installed the seat.

It took me an hour and a half. Trying to wrestle the seat out of it's slotted front mounts was a bit tough. When I finally got it up a diamond ring fell from beside the mount rails with some coin and candy. A recently Ebay purchased car, it was not my ring, not my candy.

06-07-2007, 12:50 AM

Glad you got your seat adjusted. What a story...with surprises as well!

On getting the seat off the track, I'm surprised it was so difficult. I do remember the seat being heavy.

On the swapping of an up/down motor, I did find a "pin" that pulled out to swap the motor...I think it was at the end of the wormgear shaft attached to the motor, not by the motor itself (discovered this on the rack I bought how easy it was to remove). Waiting for the rack to come (I found one for $200 shipped), I attempted to get the bad motor out and ended up in frustration twisting and bending some metal bracket...that thing was going to come out if I had to get a hacksaw! When the new rack came I found a pin that made removal of the motor possible. I think the pin was hard to see and at the end of the bracket...also hard with my head under the seat and bracing it up.

The point I remember...once you release the pin you can adjust the worm gear (by turning it) to the height you want, and re-install.

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