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1993 S-10 4.3L Starter Problem- ignition switch

05-23-2007, 10:39 PM

I have a 1993 4.3L S-10 193K miles that I has had an intermittent starting problem for 8 years. I turn the key and nothing would happen, then I would turn off radio and blower and turn the ignition swich off and back on several times and adventually it would start until recently. The truck now will not start so its finally time to address the issue.

I checked the battery, starter, starter solenoid and they all check out fine. I can arc across the solenoid and the truck will start. I checked the voltage at the ignition wire and get 0 volts when the key is on or in start position.

Is there any easy way for me to determine if my problme is the cables or ignition switch? Replacing the ignition cable or the ignition switch does not appear to be easy tasks for a novice? I have a couple of rookie questions.

1) what does the ignition cable (the thin one) on the solenoid lead to - I have traced it as far as I can and it appears to go into the firewall - so I am assuming it goes directly to the ignition switch?

2) the 93 s-10 does not have a airbag. Based on some other postings, is replacing the ignition switch as easy as removing the sterring wheel to get to the switch or do I have to break down the steering column.

3) What fuses should I check before going through all of this - the only fuses I am aware of are accessed inside the truck and they are all good.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

05-24-2007, 09:23 AM
Welcome to AF
Std or auto transmission or 4W or 2W? what engine?
Are you getting voltage to ign switch?
If so then check for voltage at ign switch start wire in start position.
If so.
I would get a volt/ohm meter and start looking for lose of starter signal from ign switch to starter.
A good wiring diagram will help you there.
And always check power feeds and grounds and battery terminals.

05-24-2007, 06:13 PM
engine 4.3L, 2wd, automatic transmission. I am not getting any volts at the starter ignition wire (assuming the wire does not have to be disconnected from the starter to test) - I am testing with it connected to the solenoid.

I appreciate any assistance you can provided

05-24-2007, 06:37 PM
Is everything else turning on like heater motor and dash lights and head lights?
Then check starter circuit.
The starter circuit starts at the ign switch.
The start wire is purple or yellow.
From ign switch it goes to and threw the neutral saftey switch on top of middle steering column.
From saftey switch to starter solenoid usually purple.
If you have no votage at starter solenoid move on back to steering colum and check saftey switch for start voltage in and out of it.
To get to it you may have to remove lower underneeth cover and may have to lower steering column some.
If no starter wire voltage to it go to ign switch.
Check for power to ign switch and power out of it on start position to neutral saftey switch

05-25-2007, 07:52 PM
Everything turns on (heater, blower, radio, etc). I traced the wires and I am not getting any volts on ignition wire (under the hood). I have not traced the wire inside the cab. Based on everything I read, I think my problem is the ignition switch. Does anyone know where this is located on a 93 s-10 4.3 L automatic 2wd and how difficult it is to swap it out ?

05-25-2007, 10:34 PM
I found the starter ignition switch. Coming out of it I have 4 - 8 volts (it varies) I haven't checked going in yet because I cant determine exactly where it comes into it - any suggestions?

The starter ignition switch and another device are connected to the steering column with the same bolts. Is this the neutral safety switch? There are three wires coming out of it - but it does not appear they are linked to the ignition switch.

I would love to get this fixed tomorrow so I can enjoy my weekend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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