Mazda 2200 won't start

05-18-2007, 03:49 PM

My mailman is selling his 20 yr, old Mazda Longbed 84,000 original miles.

He said it would run rough and stall at idle. Then he had trouble starting it. A buddy of his sprayed starting fluid in the carb and got it running, telling my mailman it was the choke. He drove it home and could not restart it.

I went to look at it (been sitting for 2-3 months). I cleaned the distributer cap connections, poured some gas in the carb (air filter was pristine - there was about 1/2" of gas in the filter) but could not get it started.

I figured the ignition is good and that it gets a spark if the car had been running.

I would like some suggestions as to what to test. I do not want to spent a lot of $$$ on this truck either trying to get it to run or paying for it as is ($800). I can get a hold of a volt meter.


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