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UpGrades for a 2001 Mirage

05-16-2007, 10:09 PM
I got a 2001 Mirage 1.8L.

I was wondering were I could find

Possibly an Engine swap which ones fit and I see everyone saying the evo is 4 wheel drive can't you just keep the stock transmission??? Or would it be to much power for it to hold? Or could I get a different engine like a honda engine or something to fit in the place of the 1.8L ???

Evo Body Kits weres the cheapest place to get them?

how can you get anymore hp out of the engine if any is possibly?

What bout suspension because it says the car can only hold 77 pounds in the trunk which isn't alot so were could i find thicker springs or any other possibly ideas to make the car handle more weight....

If this are on other forums I'm sorry. I'm looking around everywere to find out more stuff but if you could help me that would be great thank you.

Thanks for your help.

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