Spanish GP 2007

05-12-2007, 09:58 PM
Finally, after a rediculous 4 week break, F1 is back.

So the biggest story right now seems to be the 3-way tie for 1st between Alonso, Hamilton, and Raikkonen with Felipe Massa not too far behind. This weekend will break that tie and give the advantage to either Ferrari and McLaren. This might be the most important 2007 race yet because of its potential to break the tie.

Here we go-
1) Felipe Massa- Ferrari
2) Fernanda Alonso- McLaren
3) Kimi Raikkonen- Ferrari
4) Lewis Hamilton- McLaren
5) Robert Kubica- BMW-Sauber
6) Jarno Trulli- Toyota
7) Nick Heidfeld- BMW-Sauber
8) Heikki Kovelainen- Renault
9) David Coulthard- Red Bull
10) Giancarlo Fisichella- Renault
11) Nico Rosberg- Williams
12) Rubens Barrichello- Honda
13) Takuma Sato- Super Aguri
14) Jenson Button- Honda
15) Anthony Davidson- Super Aguri
16) Vitantonio Liuzzi- Toro Rosso
17) Ralf Schumacher- Toyota
18) Alex Wurz- Williams
19) Mark Webber- Red Bull
20) Adrian Sutil- Spyker
21) Christijan Albers- Spyker
22) Scott Speed- Toro Rosso

Once again the front two row are split between Ferrari and McLaren. No suprises here. It was a bit more interesting to see Felipe Massa on pole for the third time in a row. He is looking more and more impressive in qualifying. Massa also had the overall fastest lap (1:20.597) in Q2 beating the other front runners by at least a tenth. This indicates that he might be the overall fastest this weekend. It should also be noted that both Ferraris are starting on the clean side of the track, which should give them a bit of an advantage off the starting line. Hopefully Alonso has a 100% car as opposed to Bahrain, where he seemed to struggle.

Behind the front runners, Jarno Trulli sticks out like a sore thumb. Based on his Q2 times I would say that he is very light on fuel compared to the BMWs. None-the-less, he has far outqualified his teammate. Robert Kubica outqualified Heidfeld for the first time this season, but I think Heidfeld might be a bit heavy on fuel. Further back on the grid, Heikki Kovalainen outqualified his teammate for the first time this season as well. We could whitness a breakout race for this Renault rookie. Great qualifying for Coulthard, but Webber had mechanical issues. Reliability might kill Red Bull once again.

The lack of Williams in the top 10 is dissapointing, but I think Rosberg has the potential to get into the points tomorrow from 11th. The 12th-15th place lineup is very interesting. Hondas lining up against Aguris. I think Honda might finally be catching up to last year...

Reliability, Spyker, and Ralf Schumacher are the jokes of the back few rows.

Predicted Top 8-
1) Fernando Alonso- he has got to be mad about Bahrain and this is his home race.
2) Felipe Massa- any other track and I'd give him the advantage.
3) Kimi Raikkonen- will pull away from Hamilton, but won't catch the front two.
4) Lewis Hamilton- unless there is a crash or reliability issues, this will be his first non-podium
5) Nick Heidfeld- I think he's heavy on fuel. He'll pass Trulli 1st lap and Kubica in the pits.
6) Robert Kubica- still not as quick as Nick.
7) David Coulthard- unless reliability gets him, I think he can take the rookie.
8) Nico Rosberg- man of the race for passing both Renaults.

I'll post again tomorrow

05-13-2007, 10:07 AM
Alonso made a huge mistake, I think Hamilton's outshining him right now, Barrichello was really unlucky to have to retire, Massa looked comfy throughout, I think Ferarri got the best car this year again but mclaren seems more reliable

05-15-2007, 02:10 PM
Race Results-

1) Felipe Massa- Ferrari
2) Lewis (Mr. Podium) Hamilton- McLaren
3) Fernando Alonso
4) Robert (Finally Has A Good Race) Kubica
5) David (Yay Points) Coulthard
6) Nico Rosberg
7) Heikki Kovalainen
8) Takuma (Oh My God Its a Super Aguri) Sato
9) Giancarlo Fisichella
10) Rubens Barrichello

Would have been 8/8 if it wern't for Heidfeld's and Kimi's reliability.

Didn't actually get to watch the race (too busy and too asleep), but it looks like I should have. Big first lap incedent between Alonso and Massa, reliability problems for Heidfeld and Kimi (and others), another win from pole for Massa, Red Bull gets their first points of the season, Aguri getting their first point ever, and Kovalainen getting his first points, and a rookie leading the points.

It seems that everyone wants to make Hamilton into the big story of the season, so I'll talk about him first. He has made a spactacular start to the season, especially for a rookie. Something has to be said for reliability and consistency. Hamilton hasn't made any big mistakes and has been able to take advantage when the drivers in front of him give him a shot to pass. McLaren seems to have completely turned around their reliability from last year. Ferrari has 4 of 4 poles and 3 of 4 wins, yet McLaren and Hamilton lead the championship points at the moment. Reliability and Consistency. At the same time, I don't think he'll win. While he is a great driver, I don't think he is as fast as Kimi, Massa, or Alonso. He just hasn't displayed much mid-race speed as far as I can tell. He hasn't passed anyone on track or in the pits with the exception of first lap heriocs. At the moment, I would say Massa is the man to beat. If he keeps driving as he has in the last two races, he'll be #1 in the points within 2 races. Hamilton needs to win races to keep his lead, and unless he gets faster in regular race conditions, he would need bad races or dnfs from the other 3 top runners in order to do that.

I've seen the footage of the Massa/Alonso incedent and I'd say it was just a regular race incedent. Alonso was a little ahead but Massa was inside, nobody's fault as far as I could tell. I said earlier in the season that as long as Massa qualifys well, he will race well. Now he has 2 wins from 3 poles. He is the man to watch right now.

Robert Kubica took up Heidfeld's traditional 4th place. He really needed to have a good race. Once again reliability problems are hounding BMW, but I think that they are safe at the moment as 3rd in WDC points so long as at least 1 car finishes. Still, it would be good if they could have both cars finish races.

I told you guys DC would have a good race. The Red Bull finally held together and DC got a very respectable 5th place. There could be a great struggle for 4th place between Red Bull (fast, experienced, and unreliable), Renault (fast, reliable, but has a rookie), Williams (fast, young, unreliable), and Toyota (not very fast, generally reliable). Renault and Fisichella are leading at the moment but I could see RBR or Williams catching up soon.

Sato and Aguri scored their 1st points! Aided by unreliability up front perhaps, but Sato still beat Rubens and Fisi. A great race for him. Who would have thought last year that Aguri would have points this season, before Honda! 8th was as good as a win for them. Spyker and Toro Rosso might never score this season, this might have made their year.

“Our target this year was scoring a point, so the first step, job done. Now it’s going to be hard to improve on that, but of course we will try.” -Sato

05-22-2007, 02:18 PM
I only saw it Sunday...I'm ashamed of myself for getting the download so late..but from my POV it was like Friday the 13th or something. Massa did a really good job, my new favorite ferrari driver!!! My favorite driver, Coulthard got to 5th place right? Amazing, he's moving up in the pack, definitely see a podium in the near future. I like the BMW Saubers but if they can't get their asses in gear, forget it. I had to keep rewinding the part where the lug nut fell off, and I eventually saw one of the race techs put his head in hands lol (I can't look).

ON TO MONACO 07!!!!!!!!!!!!

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