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Seeking information for Project Car

05-04-2007, 04:42 PM
Wanting a Honda Civic 5-speed for project car. Wanting to do motor, tranny, suspension, exhaust and all that good stuff in either Edelbrock or Skunk2. OK simple enough right? Wrong. The thing is while looking up parts on both websites I'm seeing B-Series, K-Series and D-Series motors. I really dont know which is the best motor to fix up. Honestly am looking for the motor that is worth the most after you've done it all to it. Not just motor but including exhaust, drivetrain and suspension and basically the works. I mean building from the ground up literally. So here's my question...I need to know really what would be the best Honda Civic (year and motor) that I should go out there and look for and purchase. This'll be my project car that when I get will go in the garage and be gradually fixed up. This is hopefully the way it'll go. I'll tear it down and everything down to the block. Then maybe get the block blueprinted and balanced and everything at a machine shop and then put the block back in. Take the head and port and polish them out real good and everything and then put the head back on the block. Then from there on purchase aftermarket performance (either Edelbrock or Skunk2) plus during this and that do some suspension mods also. Now I just need to know what's really the best if you're wanting to do this. Give me a good year to look for and give me a good motor series that's worth the most.

05-04-2007, 05:45 PM
The year will depend on the emissions testing in your state. Do they test all cars? Do they only test '96 and newer cars? Do they test at all? If they test for emissions, then that will limit what years to go with. Other than that, it's just a matter of personal opinion on which body style you like best.

The K-series is worth the most, and also cost quite a bit more than the other swaps. It's not a direct bolt-in swap for any car from '00 or older. So you'd have to buy a bunch of parts to make it work (mount kit, axles, custom header because it faces a different direction than the B's D's and H/F's; just to name a few parts). The B-series are the average swap, and there are more parts available for them than any other series engine. So really it depends a lot on how much you're really willing to spend in the long run. Though, this link doesn't cover the K-series swap, it will still give you a rough idea of what to look for:

05-04-2007, 07:23 PM
Honestly, I dont wanna do an engine swap. I just wanna take the motor that's in it right now and rebuild it, kinda starting with balancing out the block and all that good junk. That's why I'm really wanting to know what's the best engine in the end that's really worth it. Not worth the most money, but worth the most joy when I get it done and I start driving it.

05-04-2007, 08:27 PM
I was thinking maybe more of the lines of the Civic that was on Fast & The Furious 1 and the Civic off Need For Speed Underground 2. I think they was the same car, wasn't they? Are those the easy Civics to fix up or not?

05-05-2007, 12:49 PM
Honestly I can't remember which one was in NFS underground 2, it's been a while since I played that game. But the one you're refering to from the F&F is a '92-'95 Civic. And the most powerful engine that comes in those cars is a 125hp D16Z6 engine that comes in the Si hatchback and EX sedan and coupe. So in the long run, you'd be better off with a '99-'00 Si. They come with a 160hp B16A2, which would be a better platform to work off of. Of course it will cost more than the '92-'95. But it depends even more what you're going to do exactly. Are you going to stay N/A or are you going to go forced induction (turbo, supercharger, nitrous)? There are many variables to consider.

But I also forgot to mention something in my first post. You should skip the port and polish, unless you're going to go very aggressive with and all motor build or go forced induction. Honda heads flow very well already from the factory, and it you go too crazy with the P&P, you're likely to go too far and move the powerband up into the higher rpms (and lose power in the low rpm range). If you do decide to do it, tell the machine shop that you're looking for more of a street performance P&P (port match the intake and exhaust side of the head, and clean up the valve area a little) rather than an all out race/drag P&P.

05-08-2007, 11:13 AM
What years have the K20 already in them? I'm also open to Acura as well.

05-08-2007, 12:07 PM
Well the '01-'05 Civic has a 160hp K20 in it, same engine as the RSX base model. But for the price, in my opinion, you'd be better off with the '99-'00 Si.

But now that you mention you're interested in Acuras, that changes thing. The Integras come with better engines to work off of, especially from '94-'01. The GS-R has a 170hp B18C1, the LS/GS/RS have a 140hp B18B1 non-vtec (but if you do some research you can find out how to add a vtec head on to it and make even more power), or if you can find a Type-R for a decent price it has a 195hp B18C5.

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