Flip trunk for a mark.

stink _N linc _N
04-28-2007, 09:14 PM
:banghead: Has anyone out there, every attempted to make the trunk lid on the mark
a flip flop/ suicide lid?

I was taking a look @ it today put everything together. 2 3" hingesand 2 door lacthes. Had the hinges in the place everything appeard to be good. And when iwent to close the lid the front lignd up perfect the rear was maybe an inch inch and a half up to high.

Anyone how has attempted or successfully complete this task . any feedback , tips , pics would be awsome. Im gonna be back @ this project when i get anotehr weekend off. I'll have a couple pics of how it lookd while the lid was open in a day of 2. no pics while it was closed. I was discourage. Thanks everyone.:banghead:

Here is a link to my pic. http://www.lincolnvscadillac.com/showthread.php?p=288413#post288413 which is a wonderfull lincoln forum.

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