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00 Odyssey will start, then not start! NEWBIE need help!

04-22-2007, 05:27 PM
We have a 2000 Odyssey (103,00 miles) all normal servicing was done via the first owner @ dealership.
He did however change own oil and stated he used mobil 1 synthetic.
we recently aquired this 2000 Odyssey EX from it's previous one owner and feel like we got a great deal, as he was able to provide all previous service records from Honda. I was a bit concerned b/c of bad trannies, but he had Honda install one in Sept 06 at 80,000 miles under the recall.
also note, timing belt has YET to be serviced.
few weeks I drove about 10 miles, no problem, parked car and shut off, about 10 min. later, it would not start, like it was turning over too fast or something, as soon as we called the tow truck (1/2 hour or so later) boom! started right up and did not give me any PROBLEMS.

Took to the local community automotive college, they tested it and it came back as CAT EFF. Code
and TRANS code, they cleared them and asked me to return in a week to see if they came back and they did. They thought perhaps, when HONDA put in warrenty tranny, they forgot to clear codes.
Something about the third gear pressure plate was what came back on the tranny code, tech said it wouldn't affect driveability. THE CATALYIC code was the other.

Drove from work to gas station, fillled up with gas, got in and wouldn't start, tried to turn over and it seemed like it wasn't getting fuel, Made sure gas cap was on correctly (know they are sensitive). Tried several times that eve to get it started, no luck, then in the chilly morning, it fired up, so we returned later in afternoon to drive it to autozone, where it fired up (slowly) went to AZ, had them hook it up and same codes above were all that showed up.

Naturally, since we had to shut it off at AutoZone, it would not restart till this morning, where we drove it home. Just a few min. ago, it started fine but as soon as I shut it off, it refused to restart.
auto zone said something about EGR valve (which I think is related to the CAT code).
ANY IDEAS? Obviously we have to go to the dealership, but we are a POOR family, my hubby is somewhat mechanically inclined. I just want to be pointed in the right direction.
By rights, since our oddy is still qualified under tranny warrenty (the extension to 109,000 miles depending on VIN number) HONDA should take care of the trans code, will they hassle me since, I am not the orig. owner but the second with all the orig. records showing honda servicing, ( I have heard Horror stories about different dealerships and warrenty coverage).

Apryl Brown

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