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E38 Trans Failsafe Prog - Help

04-22-2007, 04:11 PM
Hello all thanks for reading this.

I am in much needed help as my 728 e38 is misbehaving and would apreciate any advice from anyone out there, here goes:-

A week ago ago whilst I was driving I got the 'trans failsafe prog' error on my dashboard and the car was driving in limp mode. I have a mechanic and he suggested that it might be the transmission filter so I got him to change that as well as the transmission fluid however the ASC + T and ABS light are still on the dashboard.

I drove it yesterday for about 5 miles and when the car started up the ASC + T and ABS light were still on. The car drove fine and pulled nicely however when I came home the trans failsafe error came back on the dashboard.

The car starts up fine and it looks like problem seems to appear when the car warms up. On cold starts on a number of occasions it seems to be fine for a while. When the error comes up the speed counter and fuel consumption counter do no work at all and the car is very sluggish. All other electrics in car work fine.

Diagnostics from BMW suggest it may be electrical according to report. Upon reading other forums suggestions include:

trans selector switch underneath gearbox
sensor related (however not sure which one) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

04-25-2007, 05:13 PM
Hey mate, head on over to The Seven Series Register (free registration required to read and post) and post for 'Timm'...if I remember correctly, he knows some stuff about the E38 trans programs and the like...

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