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Mazda National Day – Orlando, Fl – Jul/28/2007

04-22-2007, 10:20 AM
Mazda National Day – Orlando, Fl – Jul/28/2007

I’m helping my friend Raul promoting the Mazda National Day in Orlando, Fl, on Jul 28 2007. See flyer at:

I can e-mail the original flyer to anyone who is interested. The original flyer is a PowerPoint show with sound so you’ll need a PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer in order to open the flyer. If you don’t have PowerPoint Viewer you can get it FREE at:

Thank you in advance,

06-03-2007, 10:50 AM
That is great, but the Tribute is really a Ford. It was designed by Mazda, but built on the Ford Escape St. Louis, Missouri assembly plant.

I used to drive Mazdas for the rotary engine, but bought this one because at the time it was what I was looking for and I liked the trim level better than the Escape. Not nearly as reliable as the old Japanese Mazdas though.

Now, I would replace it with a Scion xD, a Honda CRX, or a Toyota FJ. Maybe a Jeep JK (2007 Wrangler) would be a possiblity. Or a Toyota Tacoma extended cab Prerunner.

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