Top speed

04-19-2007, 12:07 PM
Ok, what is the fastest you guys have gone?
I hear the top speed is around 130, but ive gotten to 120 and i feel like i could still go 15 more
ive heard about people goin 150, but i want to know what you need to do to it
oh and what the best perfo mod to do with about 150 dollars?

05-28-2007, 08:53 AM
for $150 i bought a highflow air filter, air intake piping, straight flow exhaust tip, and underdrive pulley. bought all off of eBay and have made 20 hp to the wheels. dyno tested. put down 181rwhp which is about 230-240 at the crank which is an increase from the 210 stock. my friend welded my exhaust on and i put the underdrive pulley and intake system on myself. might be over $150 with welding of exhaust unless you have a friend also. for the underdrive pulley look for ones for the 300zx (vg30de). as for the top speed, i personally have done 147 in my J30 on 985 going towards atlanta. didn have anyone in the car neither did i have a camera but it was a blast and a little bit scary cuz of how fast i was passing cars that were already doing 70-80. otherwise it was a smooth ride.

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