1989 Buick Park Avenue Service Engine Soon Light

04-10-2007, 10:38 PM
Hello people. I have just recently purchased an '89 buick park avenue with only 90k miles for only $600. The car is fully loaded with every option except the moonroof and the lumbar power seats. When I got the car, some things were not working correctly, and was going to ask you guys if you had any ideas for me. Next, probably the most common problem with any 1980's or 1990's GM car is the check engine light. When I bought the car last weekend from one of my dad's friends, he told me that the owner said the check engine light had been on for a while. As such, the light stays on constantly, never really flashes or goes off. When I bought the car, I found many new and used small electrical parts in the trunk. I found at least 6 camshaft sensors, as well as other small sensors and whatnot. The light really bothers me, the car really responds well in all places, there is no motor problem and gets really good gas mileage (as compared to my V8 Pontiac). Would anyone happen to know what could cause this light to go on? The O2 sensor is a common problem, but it looks pretty new but can't say that for sure. And I know the camshaft sensor is new for a fact. Is there another problem that is common on these cars that causes the light to stay on steadily? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks again.

04-11-2007, 11:13 AM
The light really bothers your car too :thumbsup:

You can get the code read at most auto parts store chains now (Autozone, Advanced etc). You can do it yourself, however the diagnostic connector is not in th emost user friendly location on this model (center of the dash underside) . A OBD I code reader can purchased at Walmart for around $20 and makes it easier.

04-13-2007, 12:31 AM
The other night I followed some quick directions from a website <www.geocities.com/dann8785/serviceenginesoon.html> by grounding the diagnostic terminal on the ALDL connector under the dashboard, because the SES light being on really bothers me, and I do not want to take the bulb out and ignore it like I have done to my '83 Grand Prix before I ripped the entire computer harness out :P. The car gave me a flash, a pause and some more flashes, which turns out to be a code 41. I hear this is a popular one - which has something to do with the camshaft sensor. I have heard of the magnet which is attached to the camshaft falling off causing a no reading to the sensor bolted to the outside of the motor. Funny, when I bought the car a week and a half ago, there were some new and used parts in the trunk, including a couple of used camshaft sensors, and a bunch of GM new ones. So I will get to that this weekend, hopefully I can get away with changing the sensor and the light being shut off eventually and fixing the problem.

04-28-2007, 07:01 AM
You can clear the codes and shut the SES light off by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. See if the light comes on immediately after.
My Haynes manual indicates that Code 41 is the cam sensor. It also indicates that component replacement may not cure the problem in all cases, see professional advice. By the sounds of the parts stash in the trunk, this seems to be true.

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