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New Probe

04-04-2007, 10:48 PM
ok guys i just bought a 95 probe gt 2.5l V6 and i was wonderin where i could order the most high quality parts from and if there was anything you guyus know about the sound the motor makes. Its real clean 1 owner well maintained and has about 130000 miles on it the sound is almost like a valve tap ive been told this is common for these probes and i just wanted a few more peoples inputs on this. thnx for your time any help would be greatly appreciated pics will b posted soon. oh yeah and it has magna flow cat back exaust, performance headers, lowered 1.5", sleepy eye kit, some stupid spoiler i plan on taking of and kobe 17" rims i piked it up for 2600 from a friend (GOOD DEAL OR WAT :grinno:)

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