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Query about searching defaults (done)

04-04-2007, 04:13 PM
[If this is the wrong place to ask; sorry! I did look around..]

Is there someway to set my search default to be a subset of all of AF? When I search, I want the CRX area, period. As it is now, I have to paw down though many categories every time I search...

04-05-2007, 08:10 PM
If you are at the forum level of lets say '88 - '91 Civic / CRX ( can just click on the Search this Forum link on the upper right of the blue tool bar. That will restrict the search only to that forum.

You can also run a direct line search through the URL.
For example:[]=X&query=searchword

where searchword can be anything you want to search on and X the forum ID of the forum you want to search in..

for example, lets say you want to search for "dual cam" in the '88 - '91 Civic / CRX forum, the url would be this...[]=1135&query=dual cam

Just enter it in the URL address and click enter. The results will show all threads with the reference of "dual cam" within that forum only.

To get the forum ID of a section just place your mouse over the forum link you want to search in and it is the number shown in the address.

For '88 - '99 Civic / CRX it is 1135
for '71 - '87 Civic / CRX it is 677
for '92 - '95 Civic it is 186
for '96 - '00 Civic it is 1479
for '01 - '05 Civic it is 1480
and for '06+ Civic it is 1770

Hope that helps.

TS out

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