Accord turbo help !!!!!!!!

03-30-2007, 06:36 PM
Yes , i have a 95 honda accord sohc vtec, with the f22b1 block . I just recently purchased a FMAX turbo kit , Came with a fm2 fuel module and with 2 injectors before the throttle body. Well i just got the kit installed.

Let me tell you a little bit before i get in to details , My ecu had been chipped with one of those spoon chips . Vtec cut in a 2500 and rev limiter was at 8500 . Advanced the timing curve and disabled the knock sensor . Also the car was running on 109 octane

Well after the turbo kit was installed completely . The final excitment of hearing it run , well didnt get a perfect start up, it starts right up then dies. After pedaling it with the fuel it will stay alive . Then the check engine light comes on , after that , the car will stay runnning. rev up and turbo sounds good , blow off valve isnt making the CHHSSSSSS noise. im getting a che-che-che-che-che noise after you back off the throttle . well taking it for the first test drive . easy on it at first , just to make sure i wasnt going to blow up or anything . When i cracked down on it , was slower than i was before , didnt even feel like my vtec was kickin in , like running with no vtec ? im at a lost here . im not sure if i got the vaccum lines mixed up or what ??? I ran the fm2 wires to all the specified locations .

The codes that i got out of the ecu from the check engine light were a code 3 for the map sensor , thats most likely from not having the missing link to install , the other code was a 41 which is the oxygen sensor heater. . i might need a new sensor or im thinking that i cant run 109 octane with out the proper ecu with dyno tune.

So what im asking if you know anything to help me out or guide me in a direction to get this PUPPY BOOSTED !!!!

03-31-2007, 09:54 AM
Before I even got to what you said, my first thought was that it's not blowing off undesired boost correctly, I think you are on the right track, but I'm not the one to help you with specifics on your kit...The MAP code kinda falls in line with that..pressure outside of normal parameters in the intake...

You need a good dyno shop or someone who's been this route before...

I see there is a performance forum for Honda on here, you try there yet?

03-31-2007, 09:55 AM

03-31-2007, 09:56 AM
You said advanced timing usually want retard under boost...?

03-31-2007, 05:20 PM
You want boost during lowest vacuum conditions (loaded), blowoff during high vacuum (when the throttle closes, and at idle)...if you have it hooked to a ported vacuum source or a line with a VDV on it, that would screw it all up...

04-01-2007, 11:02 AM
ok thanks for the info, let me tell you whats going on now ,

I have never used or installed a MF2 programmer before . Read the directions carefully and soltered all the connections , even got the CHILTON manual out for the wiring diagrams to make DAMN sure that is was the right wire .

Now , since there is no missing link installed, its very posssible that the map sensor on the hondas can not read boost but im not too sure about that , thats why they make the missing link ? I thought hondas ecu couldnt read boost, someone told me they can up to 10 psi .

But why am i getting a code 41 and thats the o2 sensor , o2 sensor was working just fine before the install , came out with a little struggle . well there was never any antisieze on the threads before it was installed , well so in order to get the o2 out we had to throw a little heat to break the metal lose . Is it some way that the o2 sensor got to hot from the torch and is now fried, thats why the car doesnt want to start nor keep running. Until after many repeats of pedaling the gas. Pops up the check engine light and boom !!! shes reving like a champ . But there is lack of acceleration and no vtec , there should still be the vtec operating. Top end is horrible , but there is boost , turbo is sounding good and blow off valve is working great. Just no power , well i m thinking and just getting a new o2 to install to see if that was the problem , hate to spend someone elses money . 129 for o2 sensor and thats not from Honda dealership .

ok i spent the 129 for the o2 sensor and installed it , well nothing is changed , still not wanting to stay running or even start now , i just dont get it . Could the missing link play a factor in the car not starting of the MF2 module not operating , once i got the car started and took out one of the injectors and it wasnt spraying any fuel , im wondering if the MF2 module isnt working or maybe the wire to the key on 12v isnt on the right wire , but i dont understand , its with the wire that my rpm tack is running and it cuts on as soon as you cut the key on to run the radio . OK so if the MF2 wire was connected to the map sensor and it not being powered , would that ot make the car want to start , i have done alot of reading about honda turbos but some how im lost here , vaccum checks out , blow off valve is working and wastegate is dumping.

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