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00' DODGE HENNESSEY VENOM VIPER 4 SALE!! (Steel Gray/Blk. w/removable Hardtop)

03-29-2007, 07:41 PM
Gunmetal Gray (Seal gray)/Blk.
20k Mi
Removable Hardtop
600 Hp
-Venom Viper is sitting in North Florida

I HAVE THE HENNESSEY INVOICED SPEC SHEET (pdf) /Includes ALL mods. to the Viper

- PRICE: $77K obo

443-839-6985 (

This is the Ultimate American Sports Car. Hennessey Performance in Houston, TX has reported this car at over 200 mph and a 0-60 in the mid 3s.

The $2,500 radar detector system is built into the front and rear bumpers and into the dash (completely concealed. It has saved me from many tickets, and I cannot imagine driving any Viper without it, and this is especially true for this Hennessey Viper Venom.

The digital parking sensor will help you park the car within 1 inch of hitting something. On a Viper this is very helpful. This is not a feature from Dodge but a $350 add-on that is included and works great.

I also upgraded the subwoofer with a high-quality Bazooka subwoofer. If you love music, you'll love this too.

One of the things I love about this car, is that it does not have a gaudy stripe down the middle of it, nor a wing, and it does not have a bunch of stickers all over it either. This car has both the removable hard-top, and the soft-top is included also. Running it with the top off has the complete open-air feeling of a convertible.

Also included with the car is a separate and padded "hard top carrier" from Dodge. This will hold the hard top in your garage vertically and safely.
Also included is a custom Car Cover from California Car Cover with "Venom 600" embroidered in red on the hood. Along with a custom carrying bag for the car cover.

The official color of this car is called "metalic gun-metal grey." This color is very rare, and was only used I believe for 2 years. Depending on the lighting sometimes it looks more blue than grey, but most of the time it looks more grey than blue. It is a beautiful color and people rave over the color all the time. The dealer added $5,000 onto the original cost of the car just for the color because it was so rare and hard to get.

Several Viper owners have told me they are disappointed in the SOUND of their Viper. They say their Viper does not sound "throaty" enough. I promise you, that no one will say that about this Viper. It has a deep "throaty" sound like I have never heard in any other car. All my friends love just hearing it start up. Driving down the road definitely turns heads either by seeing it, just hearing it, or both.

I am not a dealer. I am a private owner. $120,000 invested in the car.

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