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03-29-2007, 04:57 PM
Students were failing first course

3 withdraw from course and get A’s in another

By Jillian Johnson Tower Staff

As students of the fall semester of 2006 were studying hard to pass classes and prepare for finals in December, three students found an easy way out of one particular class they were failing.
They were able to get their failing grades changed to withdrawals, given another class to take, free of charge, and within only two weeks received grades of A’s. But, as happy as these students may be, their teacher, Dr. Mohammad Behi, is not.
“I feel my right is violated because the only one who can change the grade is the professor who teaches the course,” said Behi.
Behi, who teaches Technology 1401, noticed that on Nov. 10, 2006, three particular students in his class of 15 stopped attending.
Within 20 days, on Nov. 30, Behi received an e-mail sent by a coordinator of Industrial Design, who’s name is unclear, which was addressed to the three students giving them the authority to stop attending Behi’s class.
The letter stated that the dean had agreed to allow all three students to withdrawal from class and to later enroll in a special topics class with Dr. Riegle.
Behi stated that he fairly handed out the grades the students received due to their lack of attendance and not taking the final.
On Jan. 22, Behi, stated that he noticed the student’s grades were changed from failures to withdrawals.
According to Behi, the coordinator allowed the students to enroll in “independent study” programs, which lasted roughly two weeks. All three students passed with A’s in the independent study classes. As one student remains in school finishing classes, the other two students earned enough credits to graduate, and did so.
Behi stated that he is angry and feels that the faculty did not go through the correct procedure to take care of the situation involving the three students.
“This is like a special treatment for those three students.” Said Behi, “It’s like discriminating all the other students.”
Kamal Shahrabi, chairperson of the Department of Technology, feels that if those students were able to have their grades changed, then all students should have that advantage.
“When [students] get and F in a course, they should have a right to request the F to be changed to a W and to register for a different course, with no fee pay, and get a grade in that class,” said Shahrabi.
Shahrabi stated that he feels that the actions made by the department were unfair to other students, adding, “Change the grade to the original grade or do the same to other students.”
Dr. Xiaobo Yu, Dean of the College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences would not comment on the situation, but he stated that Behi is filing a grievance against Kean University.
Behi said that the grievance is set for April 5, and goes to President Dawood Farahi, Dr. Yu, and all members of the Board of Education.
“I don’t want an apology,” said Behi.
Behi stated that he wants either the grades changed back to what they were before, or for all students to be treated the same in respect to their grades.

The school just spent 10 million dollars to do up a workout gym but they wont give a penny to the Technology Dept. The new president of the school, Dawood Farahi, has closed the technology dept. The only school in NJ that has a Computer Intergrated Design and Manufacturing Technology major and he closed it. There are willing students that want to come to the school just for the program but he is closed it. The Industrial Design dept. got money from the "Pfizer" so to make sure the industrial design students look good someone changed their grades. If you want to read a nice article about him:

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