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2001 ford f150 will not start anti theft

03-27-2007, 02:14 PM
I was testing my maf sensor. when i went to start it I forgot i didn't plug the sensor back into the harness. After pluging it back in the truck still would'nt start. Then I started having battery run down. after charging the battery back up the truck will turn over quickly but will not start. the anti theft light will blink rapidly while the engine is turning over. when the battery runs back down the gauges, tack and spedo will go all the way over to one side and back. Ive check all the fuses just to make sure I didn't short out the maf some how. Should the truck still start if the maf is bad?:banghead: Also in the repair manual book it just show the maf on the air flow vent, but then it talks about to remove take out the vent and unbolt it from the engine! It looks to me like what in the vent is all there is. Is there something iam missing?

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