Need a flywheel?

03-27-2007, 01:37 PM
For sale: New, never installed manual transmission flywheel for all FACTORY STOCK carborated, externally balanced 360ci small blocks. ("360 truck motor", used in 2wd and 4wd 1/2, 3/4, 1 ton trucks/vans plus Ramcharger and Trail Duster) DO NOT USE ON 318, 340 OR FUEL INJECTED MAGNUM!!!!!! Made to meet or exceed OEM specs by an aftermarket supplier for NAPA auto parts stores. Perfect if you smoked your clutch and damaged the original flywheel beyond repair, or for converting 727 torqueflite applications to a manual gearbox (special pilot bushing may be required for original AT equipted 360's, available from Year One and others) There is some surface rust on the friction area, not surprising considering the amount of time this flywheel lived on a warehouse shelf. A little rust remover and a quick rinse with brake parts cleaner should take care of it, worst case senario a light cut at your local machine shop will have it ready for action. This application is discontinued by Chrysler, as well as 99% of the aftermarket. It was one of 2 "lost" in a NAPA warehouse, accidentally discovered for me a while back by an employee at a local store. (Being a Dodge Truck guy himself, he snatched up the other one as a spare for his Power Wagon) As time progressed, my plans changed, and I no longer need a stock balanced flywheel. Asking Price $200.00. Please feel free to make a reasonable offer, I'm willing to be flexible for anyone that's a true diehard fan of any make/model American car or truck. The only new manufactured externally balanced 360 flywheels on the market today can cost over $500.00!!!!!!! If you NEED a new flywheel, don't pass this up!!!

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