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How to get bonneville codes?

03-25-2007, 03:17 PM
Hi people,I was wandering if someone if you knows how to check for bonneville 93 codes.I have tried the key "thing" ,turing it on and off,but nothing comes out,just the check engine light.Its not what i need.

Hopefully someone might answer.

A million thanks and advance.

03-25-2007, 04:06 PM
I sent you a link via Private Message.

03-25-2007, 04:09 PM
here's the reply for future references,for those in need.

1987-1993 ECM Code Retrieval

Yes there is a way to retrieve codes yourself, but, it only works on models from 1987 - 1993!
Find the "Assembly Line Communication Link (ALCL)" it usually found under the dash near the steering column. Now locate terminals "A" & "B", the 2 uppermost right-hand terminals, "A" is the one the right. You must use a short wire to ground out these terminals, or a hairclip, paperclip, or something similar. Short the terminals with the ignition off, then turn the ignition to "on" but do not start the car. The ECM will display "Code 12" by flashing the "Service Engine Soon" light indicating the system is working. Code 12 is simply one flash, followed by a brief pause, then two flashes in quick succession. This code will flash three times. If no codes are stored code 12 will continue to flash until the ground is removed from the terminal.
After flashing three times, the ECM will display any stored trouble codes. Each code will be flashed three times then code 12 will be flashed again indicating display is completed.
Note: If the trouble is intermittent the engine light will come for about ten seconds then go out. If the trouble is more serious then the engine light will stay on and the trouble codes stored in the ECM memory until voltage is interrupted to the ECM. To clear the codes, disconnect the battery for about ten minutes.

Note: If you or anyone else has disassembled the lower footwell shield (with the diagnostic connector and courtesy light in it) it is possible the connector was reinstalled upside down. In this case, the uppermost right 2 terminals are no longer A nd B! No damage will be incurred if you short these two in this instance, but you will get no codes. If this happens, try the bottom 2 terminals on the left side!

To look up the codes you have pulled please look at the code listing for your model year.

U'r the man.Thanks a lot.

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