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New driver,want to get my own vehicle,Ideas?

03-18-2007, 07:57 PM
Alright well I want to get a car to start with and possibly fix up..I'm 16 and won't be getting to much help from my parents..Whats a good car that I can get for around 6k$ canadian.I was thinking a honda civic..clearly thats everyones first thought..but is there anything better than that....and also whats a good year to get.I wasn't really into cars a lot.Even though this may sound dumb,I started to really get interested when I started playing Forza Motorsport for my xbox,its a very awesome game.So what are some good ideas for starter cars,that are affordable to upgrade,but are actually well suited as something nice to fix up.I want to try and have a car by the time I get my license.Ideas?

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